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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Man shot and Tasered by police after attacking bus passengers, driver

A man who was attacking passengers and the driver of a CTA bus in the Marquette Park neighborhood was shot and Tasered by police after he tried to attack officers this afternoon.
The incident happened at about 4 p.m. as a California Avenue CTA bus was northbound near 63rd Street, said Patrick Camden, a spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 7.
The man, in his late 20s and who appeared to be impaired, began attacking several passengers on the bus.
As the bus stopped at 63rd Street, the man then attacked the bus driver.
As the man was attacking the bus driver, another passenger got off the bus and flagged down a passing police car with a single officer inside.
As the man noticed that a police officer was approaching the bus the man took off some of his clothing and was flailing his arms at the police officer in a threatening manner, despite being ordered to stop.
After the man continued to attack, the officer shot the man, Camden said. The man began going toward the officer again, who shot the man again, Camden said.
After the man was shot and other officers responded, he continued to resist arrest so police had to Taser him twice, Camden said.
The man was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in an unknown condition.
The bus driver and a passenger were also hospitalized for non-life threatening injuries


Anonymous said...

Crazy assed Chicago......

Anonymous said...

this is another reason why city need to keep health. center open. every day u see somebody on the bus. insane or not in there right mind ;homeless. smelling. lost. confused. not get no help. it gone get worst