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Friday, November 30, 2012

Man in stolen SUV shot after police chase on South Side

An off-duty Chicago police officer shot the driver of a stolen SUV after it struck a pedestrian while eluding police, then tried to hit the officer,
The SUV driver suffered a wound to his hand or arm that was not life-threatening.
The shooting happened about 10 p.m. Thursday at 37th Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in the Bronzeville neighborhood, blocks from police department headquarters.
A gray SUV was fleeing police north on King Drive when it made a left turn through a red light onto 37th Street, hit a light pole and then struck a pedestrian. The SUV came to rest against a concrete wall surrounding a three-story brick home on the corner.
An off-duty officer on his way home from work with his girlfriend was stopped at the light and saw the chase coming north up King Drive. As the off-duty officer approached the SUV, the driver backed up toward the officer, who fired twice, fearing the SUV would hit his girlfriend who had gotten out of the officer's car.
The SUV scraped the officer’s black Yukon, then the driver put it into gear and tried to escape. The officer fired two more times, hitting the man. He was taken to Mercy Hospital and Medical Center.
The female pedestrian who was hit was taken to the University of Chicago Hospitals. The officer’s girlfriend was taken to Mercy Hospital and Medical Center.

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