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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Boy, 16, charged with his second murder

A 16-year-old boy already under indictment for a fatal carjacking in Dolton has been charged in the fatal shooting of a Canadian trucker who was visiting his brother in the Englewood neighborhood.
Bail was denied today for Kevin Eason, who has a criminal record stretching back to when he was 12.
Prosecutors said Eason and others had committed several armed robberies around the time Gary Clarke was killed, and those cases helped lead police to him. Authorities found text messages where Eason bragged about all the “licks” or robberies he’d done.
Clarke, 39, was killed in the 5800 block of South Aberdeen Street about 8 p.m. on Oct. 9. According to police and prosecutors, three people approached Clarke’s truck that night and one of them pointed a gun at Clarke, who was seated in the cab with the interior light on, and demanded money.
Clarke yelled, “Bloody Jesus, Blood of Jesus,’’ before the gunman shot Clarke one time and all three fled. They left behind a 9 mm shell casing.
Soon afterwards, a person was robbed at gunpoint by several people and later identified Eason as of the robbers, officials said. Eason and others were also involved in the carjacking at gunpoint of a Lexus.
In the carjacking, officers chased the car and the robberes crashed and fled. They recovered a shoe from the car that matched one belonging to Eason. And they also found a 9mm gun that was used in Clarke’s murder.
On Oct. 11, detectives looking into one of several armed robberies were watching video surveillance at a gas station that showed Eason and someone else using a credit card belonging to one of the victims. Eason was arrested and proceeds from several armed robberies were found in his home, including a cell phone. Photos recovered from it showed Eason posing with the gun used in the murder of Clarke.
Also on the phone were text messages in which Eason admitted to doing “licks,” a term for robberies, and referring to the crashing of the Lexus and losing his shoe.
Prosecutors said a DNA swab was taken from Eason and it matched DNA recovered from the door handle of the truck.
Eason was already under indictment for a fatal carjacking and four armed robberies.
Eason, along with Darrell A. Leverson, were charged in October with murder, armed robbery and carjacking in Dolton. Eason is also charged with armed robberies in Calumet City, Dolton and Chicago in early October.


Anonymous said...

This boy sounds like he comes from a good home... His father is probably incarcerated or dead, and I bet his mother probably has different kids by many different men.... just a guess.. who doesn't agree with me on this?

laker said...

more wonderful parenting.
if obama had a son .......

Anonymous said...

You wonder what goes on in these families that make these no goods turn out like they do? Inbred maybe....