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Sunday, November 11, 2012

3 shot on Near West Side

Three people, including a 15-year-old boy, were shot on the Near West Side this evening, but all suffered what were believed to be non-life-threatening injuries.
The shootings took place in the 200 block of South Western Avenue, near a liquor store, about 5:30 p.m..
The boy, who was shot in the chest, and two other victims, both men, were all taken to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital, but all had been stabilized by about 8 p.m.. One of the victims, age 48, was taken to the hospital but declined further treatment and was released.
Among those shot was a man in his 40s, shot in the right arm, and a second victim who was shot in the buttocks


Anonymous said...

I figure about 483 by the end of Nov. & about 512 before the ball drops... HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Anonymous said...

600 by New Years day.

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