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Sunday, November 18, 2012

2 shot in Greektown

Sometime around 4 a.m., two people were shot near the intersection of West Jackson Street and South Halstead Boulevard. One of them arrived at Mount Sinai without the assistance of an amubulance, and the other arrived at Stroger.


Amanda said...

I heard the shots, around 4:45 am this morning from my apartment. It seemed like 5 or 6 shots went off.

West loop realist said...

As a resident of the west loop we need more police protection. All thIs mayor does is send Police to protect
The dope dealing murderous welfare savages and our
neighborhoods go to he'll. We pay the taxes Rahm!!!!!!

laker said...

did they take a shot to the *ss?

Anonymous said...

It was actually 43 rounds that went off right outside my building on green street and Jackson. 3 people shot one dead. Our car actually got shot up in the midst of it all. They are using a parking lot across from a shop on green street to do drug deals. I like that you can barely find out about this shooting. People need to know about shootings in your neighborhood. They don't want people knowing about this shooting since Greek town is suppose to be a better neighborhood.