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Thursday, November 22, 2012

15-year-old girl was in the head in Washington Heights

A 15-year-old girl was shot in the head about 9:35 p.m.. She was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in serious condition from the 1100 block of West 104th Street


Anonymous said...

She'll be ok. It missed her tiny brain. Soon to become a welfare baby maker.

Anonymous said...

That's a fuckn baby u no life having jack ass!!! Karma is such a bitch I bet yo child b on welfare-clown ass

Anonymous said...

This was my friend this happen to. God is good and spare her her life. My friend was just standing in the house and somebody came and open fire at the house. I only ask god to watch over his Childrens because its a lot of fools out here. Anybody who had anything negative to say isnt right. My friend life pass right before her eyes but yet god helping hands was around her & its wasnt her time yet. So we all need to thank god each & every day because im not only thamkful for my life but im thankful for every body life.