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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Maserati linked to bride's slaying found in garage of groom's brother

A black Maserati linked to the slaying of a bride hours after her wedding last spring has been found by federal investigators in the garage of the groom's brother.

The car was discovered in the garage of Humberto Jimenez after he was arrested last week in connection with a wide-ranging drug conspiracy. Investigators found blood and other physical evidence in the car.
Wiretaps on Jimenez show he traveled with his brother, Arnoldo Jimenez, to a Texas town near the Mexican border on May 13, the day Arnoldo's wife Estralla Carrera was found dead in a bathtub in her Burbank apartment.
She was still dressed in the silver sequin cocktail dress she had worn to her wedding reception hours before.
The wiretaps caught Humberto on the phone saying “there’s been an emergency” and he was at the Mexican border, the documents state. He later refers to a “huge problem.”
Arnoldo Jimenez had called his sister and told her he and Carrera "had a bad fight and he left her bleeding". Another "close associate of Jimenez" told authorities Jimenez told the associate "he was leaving the state of Illinois and if questioned by law enforcement, the associate should tell law enforcement he went to Mexico".
Jimenez was born in Texas and owns property there, and his parents live in Mexico.
Jimenez and Carrera were married last Friday. They celebrated the spur-of the-moment wedding into the wee hours of May 12 with friends and family at a Little Village restaurant, in a party limo and at a nightclub. Carrera, 26, was found dead the next day by authorities, who were contacted by relatives after they couldn't reach her.
Jimenez has been charged in a warrant with first-degree murder.


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