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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Man tied to double slaying by lottery ticket found guilty

A Chicago man was found guilty today of the 2005 slaying of two people at a South Side convenience store and was linked to the crime by a lottery ticket which had the man's address numbers.
Timothy Fountain, 42, was found guilty by a jury on several counts of first-degree murder and armed robbery.
Fountain was convicted of fatally shooting Graciela Rodriguez, 37, who worked at Maggy's Convenience Store, 4458 S. California Ave. In addition to Rodriguez, Fountain also killed 74-year-old Nicolas Guerrero, who was a customer.
The crime happened on Aug. 4, 2005 after Fountain walked into the store and went up to Rodriguez, who was behind the counter, and asked to buy a lottery ticket.
As Rodriguez rang up the purchase, Fountain pulled out a gun and forced his way behind the counter.
After emptying the cash register Fountain forced Rodriguez to take him to the store's video surveillance equipment in a back room. Fountain ripped out the wires to stop it from recording and then fatally shot Rodriguez in the head.
As Fountain was leaving, he ran into Guerrero and the two began struggling. Fountain then shot the man before leaving.
Police were able to find the lottery ticket which the man had left behind and grew suspicious when the number on the ticket matched his address. They then were able figure out that Fountain had been previously convicted of a similar armed robbery.
Investigators also were able to match his description with witnesses who had seen a similar-looking man outside of the store at the time of the murders.
Police did not have enough evidence to charge Fountain with the crime until January 2007 when they learned that DNA found under Guerrero's fingernails matched Fountain. He also was linked to the crime by witnesses.
Fountain faces life in prison when he is sentenced on Nov. 30


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