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Friday, October 26, 2012

Embarrassed at club, man pistol-whips, drives girlfriend to unfamiliar area

A man pistol-whipped the mother of his child in a car before he threatened to force her to strip and left her in an unfamiliar South Side neighborhood early today.
Jose Torreblanca, who turned 21 on Thursday, was angered that his “baby’s mama” embarrassed him on his birthday at a club near 47th Street and Pulaski Road in the Archer Heights neighborhood about midnight.
Torreblanca told her that “you embarrassed me, now I’m going to embarrass you”. Torreblanca had been released on a signature bond on Wednesday after being arrested in a violation of probation case. A condition of the bond set by Cook County Judge Stephen A. Domenica was that Torreblanca was to report to an inpatient substance-abuse treatment center on Thursday.
Torreblanca, of the 2600 block of South Tripp Avenue, has been charged with unlawful use of a weapon by a felon and domestic battery, as well as driving on a suspended license and possession of ammunition without valid firearm identification.
To teach her a lesson Torreblanca threatened to drive her from a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood to a predominantly black neighborhood, beat her, force her to strip and leave her there without clothing.
Once the man and the woman, 18, were in his car, he hit her in the face and forehead as he drove, using his fist and a pistol, until he ordered her out of the SUV in the South Shore neighborhood near 71st Street and Clyde Avenue and ordered her to strip.
He told her that she was “lucky you’re my baby’s mama or I’d kill you”. He held her at gunpoint before leaving, but did not force her to strip.
Torreblanca weighs 237 pounds and is 5-foot-8, police said. The woman he’s suspected of beating and pistol whipping weighs 100 pounds less and is 8 inches shorter.
A passerby saw the woman and offered to help, putting the woman in her car and driving her to a hospital. They flagged down a beat car on the way and the woman was taken to Jackson Park Hospital for her injuries
The officer put out a “flash” message with a partial plate description and the Dodge SUV was curbed a short time later. Torreblanca was arrested about 12:27 a.m. in the 400 block of East 73rd Street.
Officers found blood and a gun inside the SUV and Torreblanca was arrested.
Court records show that Torreblanca was ordered released on a signature bond on Wednesday after he had been arrested on a warrant for violation of probation in two criminal cases. Torreblanca is on probation in a 2009 case in which he pleaded guilty to aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and a 2010 case in which he pleaded guilty to aggravated battery in a public place.


Anonymous said...

I swear there is no other place on earth like Chicago.

Craziness is the norm there.

Anonymous said...

Now he'll supervision on his probation, probation. Great city!!!

Anonymous said...

When the economic collapse comes, and it will, you don't want to be in any major city, but Chicago is the LAST place you want to be.

The riots and violence will be both epic, and MUST SEE TV!

Anonymous said...

Where is the justice in this how in the hell did this man get a signature bond with a record like he have this shir is fucked up he should be locked up with no fucking bond he's a danger to society that's what wrong with our judicial system it's fucked up GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Convicted criminal ,known Gangster 26 ,And beating up a woman with a gun.You give him a bond.So he can commit a couple more crimes before his next court case.I pray for street justice hopefully his rivals kill him first.Big fat looser.

360 said...

Two shitters beaten his baby mama.Thanks for the pic.I know where dudes moms stays at.Karma is a mother stay safe.A man should never hit a women EVER......!

kkill said...

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