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Monday, October 1, 2012

Crime in Chicago restaurant recommendation- Harold's Chicken

What we recommend- 6 piece wing dinner with extra mild sauce. (Chicken wings and fries covering two pieces of white bread swimming in mild sauce with a tiny side of funky coleslaw)
How to eat? With wing dinner first break up each wing into three sections. alternate eating wing sections and fries. (Don't forget to to save six french fries for final cou de gra) After chicken is depleted, fold one slice of bread in half place three fries and half of coleslaw on top of fries eat and repeat for second bread slice. Next find a comfortable bed and take a long sweet nap.

Fine dinning tip- Don't clean the sauce from under your finger nails for a late night snacking finger nail biting delight.
Best and safest location- 87th and Kedzie, Evergreen Park Ill.

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