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Monday, September 24, 2012

Police shoot tire iron menacing man in South Austin

Chicago police shot and wounded a man who approached an officer while wielding a tire iron in the South Austin neighborhood on the West Side.
No officers were injured in the shooting, which occurred just before 11:30 p.m. Sunday in an alley in the 200 block of North Lockwood Avenue.
Officers assigned to violence reduction in the area stopped to question four men in an alley near Fulton Street and Lockwood Avenue when two of them ran away, said Pat Camden, a spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police.
As the officers chased after them, one of the officers hopped a fence to search a nearby alley, according to Camden. "All of a sudden the bad guy jumps out of the bushes with a tire iron in his hand," he said.
"Needless to say, he got shot," Camden said. "The bottom line is, you jump out of the bushes. . .with a tire iron in your hand, it's not a good idea."
The suspect, who is about 18 years old, was wounded in the arm and taken to Mount Sinai Hospital.
Police at the scene recovered the tire iron


Anonymous said...

So he was menacing tire irons?

Is that even illegal?

Anonymous said...

What happened to the police don't shoot without it being a life threatening situation..I don't think a tire iron is...what happened to the "taser gun".just another case of "CPD" the biggest gang around flexing their muscle for no reason..

Anonymous said...

They should have kept shooting.

Anonymous said...

The police should not have to wait to get shot at first, I say shoot the thugs first, then ask questions later.