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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

City plans free Wi-Fi in all parks, public spaces- Making laptop, I-Pad and Smart Phone users easy pickings for the criminal element

Mayor Rahm Emanuel unveiled an ambitious plan Monday to establish Chicago as a hub for ultra-fast Internet service and provide free Wi-Fi in public spaces.
The city kicked off its "Chicago Broadband Challenge" by turning on free Wi-Fi in Millennium Park Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

They do like shiny, sparkley things.

Anonymous said...

Obama is giving 1.5 Billion to illegal farmers(google it),Food stamps to many more people9even those who don't qualify),1 million to CeaseFire,wifi and other goodies. It may seem Emanuel is in charge of some of these treats being spread around, but in reality it's election year. His voterBase need to get paid for their votes. After Nov. it will slowly,but surely be taken away.

Anonymous said...

correction: Illegal Immigrant farm workers. Although it's stated as immigrant farm workers,,,,Google it.

Anonymous said...

Yes,I do like shinny,sparkling things..So go to the park with your ipad.so I can take it from you while you type those racist comments,then find your address on it.so I can sit in your bushes wait for your coward ass to come out and bitch slap you.. by the way I work for everything I got,but it will be my pleasure. Just to see you tuck your tail and cry..AmeriKKKa's Nightmare..

Anonymous said...

I would have to travel about 2000 miles to get there. Where I live, we don't kill each other over turf, sparkley stuff or because we want to.

We have concealed carry permits and we carry pretty much everywhere.

We watch the liberal cities and states and wonder at how people will vote themselves into slavery.

Yet they do time after time and this is the result. When the economic collapse comes, and it will, Chicago, Detroit, LA......well pretty much every liberal city will explode.

As for "racist," I suggest you look the word up. No one has ever suggested that anyone is "genetically superior" to another.

However, when people act like animals, people will call them on it and make comparisons.