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Friday, September 7, 2012

3 charged with armed robbery outside downtown McDonald's

Three men were charged with armed robbery after police said they held two others at gunpoint outside a McDonald's near State Street and Chicago Avenue early Thursday morning and ran through their pockets.
The attackers robbed the pair at gunpoint about 3:30 a.m. Thursday and took money, a phone, a watch, and a hat.
One held them at gunpoint and the others went through their pockets.
Police later recovered the watch and the phone, but not the hat or money.
Responding police put out a "flash" message to other officers in the area with descriptions of the robbers and police approached a group matching the description near Clark Street and Division Avenue.
Two started walking but stopped at the request of police but a third fled and was caught after a brief pursuit.
A gun was later recovered along the path of the pursuit. One of the victims was able to describe the gun, but police said that wasn't enough for prosecutors to approve a gun charge.
Charged were Davion Henton of the 400 block of West Elm Street, Ronell Shed of the 4700 block of West West End Avenue, and Robert Ford of the 800 block of South Oak Park Avenue in Oak Park.
Henton is 19 and the other two are 23.


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