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Monday, August 27, 2012

Did Section 8 cause the destruction of Chatham?


Alderman’s Offer Of Help At Scene Of Shooting Met With Hostility

CHICAGO (CBS) – Fighting crime is not so simple, and that’s something CBS 2 cameras saw first-hand on Monday, when visiting the scene of one of this past weekend’s shootings.
CBS 2’s Jim Williams went to the spot in Chatham where 19-year-old Jamal Clayton was shot and killed over the weekend.
Ald. Roderick Sawyer (6th) joined Williams and CBS 2 photographer Marcus Richardson in visiting the 7800 block of South Champlain Avenue on Monday, three days after Clayton was shot in a drive-by. Immediately, they were met with hostility.
“It ain’t y’all’s business,” one man said.

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Anonymous said...

Of course it did. You bring those animals into an area and nothing good is going to happen!

The same thing with apartments.

Transients and losers all.

Anonymous said...

It's happening in the NW suburbs of Chicago as well. Just take a look at this article. http://triblocal.com/buffalo-grove/2012/06/07/four-charged-in-mugging. It's gotten to the point where I'm considering to move out of the state altogether.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how some crackers talk negative about these ppl and how scared they are and how they want to move away, they're animals, etc. But when they wanna GET HIGH they bring they're asses to those same areas to get Dope with those SAME PPL without hesitation! The fear just seems to disappear! I bet if u ride pass those same areas u will see Becky and Bob posted waiting on that shit with a child!

Anonymous said...

Here in the south, section 8 housing was forced on us in the 60's. We knew what it would bring. In the mid-late 70's when it was being implemented up north, we laughed at the protests up there.

Now you Yankees know what we tried to warn you about.

Anonymous said...

Drug users have to go where the market is. The market is not where they usually live.

Drug users are losers and no better than the people they buy from. Both should be shot on sight.

Anonymous said...

The intentions//theory is nice, but the reality is, it doesn't work. You can't expect two opposing class systems to live together.

Anonymous said...

Every city has an area of section 8 housing and a section where there is a lot of crime.

But how many of these are the same parts of every city?

All of them!

Anonymous said...

I live on the same block that the young man was shot on. He didn't live on this block. And it's pathetic. Relatives and friends of this young boy are acting a fool. They are posted on the block waiting for something else to jump off. We call the police and they never come. By this weekend there will be another 8 people dead in this area b/c of these idiots.

Anonymous said...

Section 8 trash nothing but ghetto people and crime.

I use wi fi to tell people the address of section 8 trash on my block.

They call me a cracker I laugh in there low IQ big lip face.

Anonymous said...

I understand that landlords are responsible for turning their rental properties into Section 8. But there also has to be some push from the government to displace Section 8 into various communities. I live in a very nice suburb and I've seen more than usual ghetto elements walking around in the last couple of years. I never saw this before. It's almost like you have to live in areas like Lake Forest and Wilmette in order to not live with Section 8. High powered politicians who live in those areas probably put enough pressure in order to prevent section 8 from coming into their areas.

Anonymous said...

There is section 8 in Wilmette. I have a friend who works for CHA , she told me that some landlords earn up to 100K a month from rental income. I'm sure you can figure out who are the landlords living a really nice life in highland park.

Anonymous said...

If you have section 8 housing in your neighborhood, your house is pretty much worthless. Section 8 is nothing but criminals or soon to be criminals.

The same with apartments.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that this type of problem is just now being investigated by the media because it took place in a black neighborhood? Section 8 is currently in a number of predinantly white communities, but the media won't touch it because it would be considered racial/discrimination.

Anonymous said...

The media seldom reports on black crime. Even when they report a crime on a white person, they don't report the race of the criminal if they are black.

The media perpetuates the problem because if they were to tell the truth, Jesse and Al would accuse them of racism.

So black America destroys itself while Jesse and Al get rich keeping them down.

Blacks deserve better, but THEY need to stand up and point out the bad guys first.

Anonymous said...

Jessie and Al put on good front stealing everyone else's money - Just like the past Governors that are in prison - why don't they rename the Prison Governors Row ? About the drug deals , if Corporate America would hire and educate opposed to pocketing all the wealth - perhaps these young men could work opposed to selling drugs. The addicts that bring a child to pick up drugs is appalling. We have Major issues in this City that really need to be address but calling each other names and pointing the finger at each other is not helping.